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Pangean Bespoke Products

Blending style with engineering, we can design to each clients specifications and requirements a tailor made product in its truest form. Fully immersing them in the project, from exterior styling to the mechanical & electronic technology underneath, we combine the complexities of engineering with the beauty of art, and distill it into a unique creation.

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Bespoke vehicle design

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, our designers bring each clients imagination to life, allowing them the freedom to create something which is truly unique.

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Bespoke vehicle concepts

We enable your design concept to be more than just a static model. We combine contemporary technology with individual expectations to achieve a truly dynamic vehicle.

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Bespoke Vehicle Engineering

Having delivered many niche OEM projects, we are able to engineer an end product which combines all of the latest technology and quality you would expect from an ultra luxury manufacturer.

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Bespoke vehicle build

Our dedication to delivering the ultimate product is unrelenting. Each project build is undertaken by world class engineers, using the latest in production methods to ensure we provide each client with the ultimate statement.

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